Sunday, May 20, 2007

Going out of comfort zone

Today, I read an article in the Opinion page of the L.A. Times, whereby a certain character (never had a chance to know his real profession), had ventured out into the nation's 50 states, doing some dishwashing work for various restaurants across the country. Indeed, it was feat that only few could muster enough courage and determination to do it. Unless, you want to survive, you are left without a choice but to do it, even if it is against your will.

In the book review, he was identified as Pete Jordan, a San Francisco resident who earned the nickname as the King of the Dish Pit. But his feat was finally rewarded after he was able to publish a 358-page memoir out of his experiences from washing dishes in the different states. His book is entitled "Dishwasher" was published by HarperPerennial and it now out in the market.

Why do some people have to suffer first before they could finally come up with a veritable topic to develop? In many instances, bad experience is always made basis for a good material, especially if you want to write a novel (fiction or nonfiction). And some people have already made a fortune for the sad and bad experiences they underwent while being held in a precarious situation somewhere else. For example, if the BBC correspondent now missing in Gaza City, is eventually released from captivity, his is another good material for a non-fiction book that any willing publisher would bite.

Sometimes, if not always, taking the risks by going out of your comfort zone deserves a prize. But seldom people do this, but for those whose penchant for driving their adrenaline glands into high gear are exceptional. In the first place, why would a lawyer wash dishes in a restaurant? Or a priest, in the same respect, does the job of a gardener? To the ordinary minds, the scenario may look odd and demeaning, but to some it is understandable. Now, it is a question of self-pity. If you are left in a strange land, where survival is slim, you will do nothing but give yourself a try in order to live.

No matter what, you will give it a try, especially if you're feet are straddling between a life and death situation. Do you have another choice? Take the chance or else? In most instances, a highly qualified individual or professional feels dejected every time they are transplanted in a situation where they are made to kneel down to a certain level. But during the biblical times, Lord Jesus went out of his way and kneeled down to wash the feet of His disciples. Therefore, it is self-explanatory for ordinary mortals like us.

Being put in a precarious situation is not deliberate. But when it comes knocking at your door, be prepared for it. And mind you, the reward comes after you are able to get out of it as some people did.

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