Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Illegal aliens must learn to read, write and speak English

Kudos to the concerned members of the U.S. Senate who took the courage to consider immigration policies that would eventually encourage millions of illegal immigrants to come out from darkness and expose themselves to join the normal mainstream of American society.

But some U.S. legislators are still remorseful at the way things turned out after several months of debate on the sensitive issue on illegal immigration. True enough, but millions of people, including their relatives in the U.S., have breathed a sigh of relief after the Senate eventually finalized its proposal to legalize the more than 12 million illegal aliens already in America.

It may be correct to surmise that the entry of these illegal aliens into the American society has caused some economic burden to the U.S. coffer, especially on the issue of education and health care, where most of these people have availed of free medical benefits in the country's public medical centers and hospitals.

However, the tangible trade off here is that the U.S. government may be able to make use of the huge fines and immigration fees that could be accumulated once these illegal immigrants have been allowed to file their papers. Eventually, the Department of Motor Vehicle is expected to benefit from the driving license fees that will accrue to the government once they have started securing their driver's licenses across the nation. Whether we like it or not, insurance companies will also experience a boom through the premium payments that the millions of applicants will be paying to the respective government offices and private insurance companies. Likewise, this development will also have a positive impact on the real estate and transportation sectors because many of these illegal immigrants will now have the chance to buy their own houses and cars, respectively.

Now, for those illegal immigrants who still can't speak and write English must now start to try their best to learn the language so as to show the American people that they indeed wanted to become part of the mainstream society. It is only through this manifestation that the language barrier can be ironed out. We must be aware that English is the one and only language Americans speak and write. And nothing else. Hispanics or other Asian population, who speak a different language other than English, must now accept the truth that they are in American soil. Speaking the English language doesn't mean you are being robbed of your rights to speak your own language. And there is nothing better than to understand each other's tongue, especially in the work places.

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