Thursday, May 10, 2007

NATO ignores poppy plantations

It is common knowledge that illegal drugs are keeping international terrorism alive. Alone, the billions of revenues that are generated from its vast production in Afghanistan and the Golden Triangle is more than enough to finance all sorts of terroristic activities that Muslim extremists can do to destroy innocent targets they consider as infidels.

The latest video, whereby forces from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), was perhaps a gross neglect of its duties to stop further proliferation of poppy plantations in Afghanistan, whose by-products are illegally marketed throughout the world, particularly Europe and the United States. And sadly, the billions of revenues from the sales are used to buy guns and ammunition to sow terror in and outside the Middle East.

It was surprising to note that NATO forces were seen searching for possible terrorist suspects in one of the hinterlands of Afghanistan. In the process, they stumbled on one of the biggest poppy plantations in the uplands but dared not destroy the plants, contrary to expectations that they should be destroyed. In a published report, NATO officials said that they don't have any order to destroy the poppy plantations, which are very useful to Afghan farmers, whose income from sales are probably used to buy foods, and who knows, guns, too, for protection or terrorism. Nobody knows if they are supporters of Talibans, who are currently sowing so much terror in some places in the country. Lately, Talibans have killed some teachers whose only purpose was to educate rural children.

If the Talibans exist, where do you think they get their financial backing? Where else but from the vast poppy plantations that are scattered all over Afghanistan. There is a way to stop this and NATO should include it in its order to destroy and arrest those responsible for is propagation.

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