Thursday, May 10, 2007

New pill to boost sex drive among women

After an Australian company Acrux developed a special spray containing male sex hormone testosterone, scientists have again discovered a pill that could enhance females’ libido.

BBC reported that hormone-releasing pill was tested to female monkeys who showed more mating behavior and ate less. “When it was given to monkeys, they displayed mating behavior such as tongue-licking and eyebrow-raising and tail-wagging to the males,” the report said.

The experiment surfaced after psychologists have noted that 40 percent of women experienced lack of sex drive while in a relationship.

The Edinburg medical team is expected to test the results of the experiment to women.

According to the Medical Research Council’s Human Reproduction Unit in Edinburg, the pill could be made available in the next decade. The efforts will be in partnership with a pharmaceutical firm.

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