Monday, May 14, 2007

No permanent friends

In this world, there are no permanent friends, but only permanent interests. That is how other people treat the art of friendship. Of course, friendship is such an important topic to discuss about because without it the world will be in a chaos. Although, there are those who say that you can select a few friends and keep them.

Besides, it is hard to leave alone. As the saying goes, "No man is an island." Yes, that is true. There is a lot of things that come into your mind when nobody cares for you anymore. Perhaps, you think that nobody loves you anymore. But come to think about it first. Or have you tried investigating yourself and your ways why other people, even you relatives, stay away from you. Of course, there are reasons to every problem. For every cause, there is an effect and vice versa. This goes the same way to each individual's behavior.

Sometimes, it is sad to note that some people make friends because they see opportunities in you. While others delves into this art as a means to get closer to a particular person. It is common knowledge that an intimate relationship begins from friendship. It is a way knowing both of your strengths and weaknesses in life before getting seriously involved with each other.But it terribly hurts a lot when a close friend leaves you out for somebody else. That is why sometimes it is not advisable to be closely involved.

Friendship is just a vehicle for others to share good and bad experiences. When a person is downtrodden, it is always comforting enough to have a shoulder to lean on. At least, when you are down you can call a friend to pour out your grievances and frustrations in life.But friendship gets worse when somebody tries to make advantage of your generosity and kindness. In friendship, there are limitations that you must be aware of. Next time, it is always nice to pick a few good friends because they last.

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