Thursday, May 10, 2007

Passing time at Redondo Beach

It is hard to resist the magic spell of a summer day at the Redondo Beach Pier. Surely, it is something that any mortal soul would look for at any given day. And it doesn't matter at all if it is morning or afternoon because ultimately the choice is yours. From afar, the Pier juts out into the open sea, bedecked with sturdy wooden planks enough to withstand the big waves and the swells; benches where lovers idle their time away, and birds on their feeding frenzy mingle together, absorbing the slithers of the salty breeze as it wafts upon your languid faces in reverie.

Like anywhere else, the place is accessible via Torrance Bus No. 3 that plies its daily route from Long Beach. Or hop in the Metro Bus coming from downtown Los Angeles to reach the Pier. Simply walk down the concrete alley leading to the entrance to the Pier, where a variety of food establishments greet the visitors. Go farther and find a favorite spot where you can witness how anglers launch their variety of fishing gears out into the farthest reach of the calm open seas. On a given day, they are able haul blue mackerels that normally end up at some of the known seafood markets and restaurants in town. These fishing hobbyists do come to make full use of their rest days. Of course, they also find hilarious satisfaction on being one with the pelicans that find sanctuary on the big stretch of stones, not far from the yatch club.

Of course, it is more convenient to come by bus as parking spaces come at a price. Although, you can always find free parking spaces up along Broadway Street, beside the United Methodist Church, along Torrance Boulevard and Catalina Street. Not far is the Senior Citizens Park, where an old public library stands and now bears witness to the vast carpet of greenery where children and adults enjoy the fun in the sun. On Thursday mornings, enjoy the fresh haul of fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers and other stuffs at the Farmer's Market. From the park, you can have an unobstructed view of the open blue horizon, hemmed in by the old but pliant palm trees around. What else but find excitement in feeding the pigeons in your hands as you eased yourself calmly on a bench.

Like the other beautiful beaches in the South Bay, activities at the Redondo Pier are enchanting to the bones. On the left side, leading towards the Palos Verdes Peninsula, where the movie The Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, thousands of naked souls come by to savor the comfort of the powdery beach, often massaged by unsuspecting tramples of barefooted souls. Then find artistic fulfillment in the tapestry of the golden orb of the sun as it gingerly sinks on the edge of a tranquil horizon, a sight to behold as if someone is coming back into the bosom of a fevered lover.

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