Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weirdos among the old folk

There are people who look normal on the outside but in fact, weird on the inside. There actuation, feelings, perceptions and beliefs are out of this world. But like wild mushrooms in the forests, these weirdos are fun and intriguing to be with. And the sad thing is that some of them feel that they can still find the Elixir of Life and extend their sexual libidos forward.

But how do weirdos live and survive? Abnormal as they are, they are still a big part of the population who breath fresh air, eat fresh foods, gamble, dance, and cavort in the sun. Of course, others could hardly stand on their own but have to be committed somewhere else for health reasons. Noticeably, there are some whose sights are poor enough to read the daily stock results in the newspaper, but still try to keep themselves up-to-date using the magnifying glass to see if the share prices went up or down. Perhaps, they think that they have the superpowers to haul their excess wealth to heaven or hell, considering that they still invest in the stock market on shares that are believed to produce windfalls in the future. With no children to care for them but in-laws or adopted ones, looking after their health seems an obligation they try to neglect.

Sadly, when they die all these things will just end up to someone else's hand who didn't even bother to look after and care for him or her. Instead of spending the money for their own good and needs, these old folk deprive themselves by not enjoying what they have. Of course, it would be acceptable when they have children, but the problem begins to unfold if they are childless cause all these heirlooms will just go to neighbors, distant relatives and friends, who only come once in a while to see if they are still doing fine at home.

What is shocking at times are their penchant for womanizing even at their waning years. After his wife died a few years back, Thaddeus, 83, started courting someone much younger than he is. She looked beautiful, being a stage model, actress and singer in her heydays at Las Vegas. As his fiancee, she only comes to see him every other day to give him some errands and give him a tight embrace and a sweet kiss. After staying for a couple of hours, she would leave. Sex, perhaps, is not in their priority anymore due to age, except that when the woman still injects the hormones required to keep her sexually active. Sometimes, it is hard to imagine how on earth people with disabilities can still manage to do things that even normal people find it impossible to do.

Well, we can't blame them. After all, this is a free world, where everybody has his own choice and perceptions. But weirdos think otherwise. Lest, they can still pull up their pants and walk around without assistance in walkers.

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