Saturday, June 9, 2007

Immigration bill collapse to boomerang vs racists

With the collapse of the proposed comprehensive immigration bill crafted by at least 12 senators, concerned observers have expressed apprehensions that it would create an impending backlash against those who had acted to kill the bill after some amendments that favor their interests failed to be considered.

With election period near approaching, it is likely that the immediate impacts could be felt by those who voted against it. Possibly, the concerned relatives of these illegal immigrants are expected to avoid voting in favor of the villains, who they thought were racists. And it is fitting that those who had supported the immigration bill should be rewarded by putting them back to their public posts, until the amendments to the bill are finally ironed out for good.

Perhaps, at this time, many are infuriated as to what happened to the bill. Surely, they can't just keep their eyes closed after seeing a reality now shelved to gather dusts in the halls of the U.S. Congress.

It is a sad news indeed to hear that some legislators do sound strange to hear their rhetorics reverberate across the Senate halls sans knowing that this may boomerang against them comes election time. Now, it can be portrayed that the bright hopes for the children of illegal immigrants are destined to be doomed should the bill is completely junked, in favor of the clamor of some racists to round up those whose only ultimate desire in life is to work hard to survive and to give better future for their children.

No matter what they say, many of the dirty jobs that Americans don't want to do are being done by these illegal immigrants, despite the low pay if only to fill their empty stomachs. Perhaps, only God knows how they feel inside and their conscience reflects how they treat the oppressed.

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