Friday, June 15, 2007

Spelling and grammar lapses can be avoided

Writing is a a God-given talent. Therefore, not just anybody can have it. But it can be acquired and learned, and so with correct grammar.

As what Gary Provost said in his book 1001 Ways to Write Articles: "You can't sacrifice good writing with grammar." Perhaps, what Mr. Provost meant when he said this is for journalists and writers not to be particular so much on grammar rules. Although, he emphasized its utter importance in the field of writing. But it would be a welcome proposition if both can blend together, which is the accepted universal norm. Otherwise, it would be just futile to be writing anything, sans considering correct English grammar. Sometimes, there are lapses that are overlooked by writers. And this is where the eagle eyes of editors come in and proofreaders to spot misspelled words.

Reporters at and so with other websites are not free of grammatical errors. It is hard to foretell if the lapses were really overlooked or that the concerned writers lacked the knowledge on grammar rules. As a matter of fact, it is true that there are good writers who come out with articles whose style is exemplary. No question about that and it is accepted universally. On the contrary, there are those who knew so much about grammar, but have difficulty composing articles. It is easy to write per se, but there must be focus on what you write. Otherwise, you will go on the wrong direction. And all your efforts will just go down the drain. In short, it's just a waste of time and efforts.

My advice to my co-reporters is for them to first write the draft in their e-mail compose folders for them to have a saved copy, and then check it for misspelled words before finally transferring it to In that way, you will have less misspelled words. Perhaps, next time around users will be too careful on the spelling of words their articles contain. Right now, it is observed that many of the articles which found their way into the website have countless spelling errors. Even this article is not spared from the misspelling and grammar wrath!!!

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