Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wrong ideology puts innocent Palestinians hostage

The conflict between Hamas and the Fatah Group of President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority seems to be on the brink of scaling back to its worst situation, knowing the mentality and ideology of the Hamas, now considered by western countries as a terrorist organization, whose aim is to erase Israel from the map, instead of working out a solution to co-exist with its Jewish neighbor. Supported by Iran in so far as weapons and financial resources Hamas doesn't seem bent on giving up its objective of showing off its might even further if only to justify its existence and cause which it is fighting for.

Independent analysts believe that even if neutral Arab nations will work out a compromise that will make both parties sit down across the table to talk peace, it wouldn't be possible at all because Hamas' frame of mind is already dead set on something else. Now, that it has already took control of Gaza City, after defeating the Fatah forces, the more that its leader's head will be bloated with pride, and the thought of giving up its current position seems to be impossible to attain.

As this developed, Israel has already expressed distrust over Hamas' sincerity in attaining peace because what it will insist is its original plan of sowing terror in the area, along with the Hezbollah group, believed to be getting support from Iran. What, therefore, is the use of having Hamas and the Fatah group, to come to the table and talk sensitive issues affecting their political relationship. Again, the action of Hamas could be viewed as a show of hypocrisy and hatred towards the Jews and others whom it sees as against their ideological beliefs.

Now, what? After Hamas had taken Gaza City by force, many Palestinians are have been hankering for the much needed basic services for them to survive. Already saddled by internal problems, Hamas believes that their victory could be translated into progress, spiritually yes, but politically and socially, no. People are asking for food and livelihood, which could only be answered through dole outs from the West or Israel. Perhaps, what comes into the minds of Hamas is that they are supreme in so far as military might and strategies are concerned over the others. But with all routes inside Gaza City blocked, how can the innocent people survive? What about the thousands of children now locked without food?

This terrorist group should not capitalize on the lives of innocent people in order to gain sympathy from the West to give them relief aids. If these people, who have nothing to do with their ideologies perish because of hunger and sickness, blame it on the Hamas group for sowing terror in the area and not on anybody else. It is their fault because their false ideology made them do what they thought was right, but wrong, in the truest sense of the word. Sacrificing people's lives for ideology is a "mental sickness" that can cause more harm and good.

Anyhow, it is not yet too late to act. And putting down their weapons for the sake of attaining peace is just the proper thing to do, if only to spare the lives of people, especially the children and the elderly who are now caught in the crossfires.

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