Friday, June 15, 2007

Young Americans don't have patience to do dirty jobs

Picture a chocolate factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Most of its workers are being supplied by agencies. One of them is Talent Tree, a Texas-based manpower agency that is successful in deploying workers to a lot of factories and assembly plants in Michigan.

Applicants come from across boundaries: Latinos, Asians, and of course, Americans (black and whites), scramble to fill up applications Talent Tree provides for screening purposes. Tests are conducted before anyone is recruited and deployed for a job that starts at $9.00 per hour or much higher, depending on the vacancy that is available at the work site. However, the only frustrating is that the number of hours that one has to do heavily depends on the volume of orders that the chocolate factory gets so that the eight-hour work limit is not followed. Sometimes, one has to work only less than eight hours on a given day per week. Just imagine how much one can get during pay day if he has worked for less than 40 hours on a given week? At any rate, many still do flock to the agency because everybody wanted to earn a living and to survive in a dog-eat-dog competition. Of course, screening is tight and not just anybody can be hired, unless one has the proper papers.

But not all those hired last long at the work site, especially Americans, who are outnumbered by immigrants from many countries across the globe. Those terminated didn't seem to like what they're doing. And the management could do nothing but to terminate them because of inefficiency. Most of them were just talking and discussing on a lot of things during work. Or perhaps, they're only after the unemployment benefits because they didn't care if they are fired from the job. And the likely option for them is to apply for unemployment, after working for a few months at the factory. It could be that their temporary work is only a way to gain welfare from the state government.
Under the labor law, employees have the right to seek reprieve after being fired from work, regardless on the circumstances. This kind of thinking is already ingrained in some of the young Americans, who can't stay longer to do the dirty jobs that immigrants do.

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