Monday, July 9, 2007

Hatred over foreign workers

CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs seems to be myopic when it comes to analysing the statements made by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, when she suggested to the federal government to increase the H1B visas from a low level to about 115,000 per year.

No matter how he espoused to stop any attempt by legislators to increase H1B visas is already in the hands of the federal government as to whether it is appropriate to do it or not. After all, the ball is in the hands of the federal government at the expense of the corporate world's business interests. If private corporations can cut down overhead costs by importing cheaper foreign immigrant labor, it is their prerogative and not for the media or anybody to decide in their behalf.

Perhaps, some of us may have failed to realize that what is happening right now in the nation's labor market is the effects of globalization. If many Americans were affected by this dilemma, there's nothing to blame than globalization itself. Why would corporations spend so much on expensive labor when they can economize a bit on imported foreign workers, which is much cheaper to their budget than hiring native workers doing the same quality of jobs at the various work sites across the nation.

It is no wonder why Microsoft owner Bill Gates has decided to decentralize his operations to Canada than suffer the brunts of a limited H1B visas, which makes it doubly difficult for his company to hire computer workers from Asia. At least in Canada, Microsoft will have all the leeways to do its foreign hirings in conjunction with the Canadian government, whose immigration policies are more relaxed.

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