Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Racial discrimination

A hot and sensitive issue to tackle, indeed. This is one reason why other people just don't want to get involved. Or are they pretending to be ignoramus on the subject matter that is causing so much stir the world over.

In the first place, why bother at all to get involved on such a hot topic? We should be aware that racial discrimination is so flagrant, especially in Europe, where the royal families have took roots for centuries before its influence on the political system has ebbed out after many decades of existence. Exactly, nobody knows who was behind the propagation of this ungodly practice, which all the more tends to take sides on those who have excellent physical and mental attributes.

Is racial discrimination meant for those who are ugly, and those who are handsome since birth, or whose birthrights have descended from the royal bloods in Europe or any countries in the West for that matter, have carved spots in heaven? While those who are not, are surely doomed to hell?

Sometimes, we have to take a look at ourselves in the mirror who we are and where we came from. In that way, we will be able to decipher what should our actuation's be, in conformity with the rationale behavior of a man, whose physical features are patterned after those of the wishes of the Almighty. Or better still, if we are convinced at some point that Charles Darwin is correct when he theorized that man was created through the process of natural selection, so be it. From there, we can conclude that all of us came from the primates. So, why brag about being somebody with excellent physical features?

Some people think of others, especially those who are from Asia or Africa for that matter, as monkeys. During the Spanish time in the Philippines, the Spanish friars called the Filipinos as indios. Nobody is really sure what the word "indio" meant. But as time passes by, its meaning has began to take shape and now slowly being understood by a lot of people. Today, most Filipinos have accepted their fate. After all, the Spaniards have introduced to us the love for God and Christianity. After 400 years of colonization, they left us with nothing but half-breed locals who must have inherited the genes of the royal class. Although, it is painful to recall that despite many centuries of being ruled by a foreign power, the Philippines and so with other countries occupied by Spain have remained poor.

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