Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wayward mentality

It is so absurd to hear that unsuspecting professionals, especially those in the medical profession, are now being manipulated to sow terror, if only to realize the evils that demonize hatred for innocent people who knew nothing about what's going on around the world.

At this point in time, nobody knows who really is doing right. And isn't it enough for restless people to just be concentrated on what they are exercising at the moment, if only to be called a real devotee of God. In the first place, why bother to pester other people's lives with bombings and other forms of intimidation, introducing chaos in place of harmony and peace. But why? If this is happening now, there should only be two reasons why some people are inclined to love terrorizing other people's lives. The closest suspicion that anybody could guess is perhaps, religion and money.

Religion is a very complicated issue to tackle. If everybody is given a chance to discourse, it would be an endless harangue of articulations and rhetorics from those who believe that the world is controlled by one sect, one race and one belief. Sounds crazy, but it is true. With all these shenanigans going around at this time, one can only hope that terrorism is to end soon and embrace co-existence of all races.

But this is not happening, and the possibility that this complicated issue to die down is very remote. Those who abhor to terrorism as the only means to survive can be viewed as a selfish motive, even God would frown upon. Can anybody say that sowing terror is the ultimate means to resolve an issue? Many wouldn't agree, but from the way it looks, it seems to be a strange political strategy to achieve something through violence. How long will this end? For sure, nobody knows. And the road to peace is littered with thorns. Because of racism, hatred tends to seep into the veins of those who feel that they are disadvantaged by the advent of social class.

If citizens of advanced countries will never stop thinking that people from the developing countries originated from apes, which the process of natural selection theorized, and they are not, how can hatred be contained?

But if we believed that all of us came from one beginning, then why bother to discriminate others religiously, socially, politically and economically. There's no point at all to insist that one race, as Adolf Hitler was trying to profess during his reign of terror, is above all others. Otherwise, this world will continue to become an arena where gladiators roam without let up at the expense of innocent people, who subscribe to peace and harmony.

And it isn't fair at all to think that being white-skinned is proof of a superior race. Slaves have played an important role in advancing the lives of those who ruled them for centuries in exchange for animalistic servitude that killed the bodies but not the principles and beliefs. Christian believers, perhaps, can be convinced that when doomsday comes, everybody will be judged, not by the color of skin or superior race, but by what have you done on this earth as ordinary passers-by. In short, there's nothing wrong if we live together in peace and harmony. Things can only be avoided if we subscribe to the proper tenets of humanitarian ethics of co-existence. Let us observe fairness in everything we do.

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