Monday, August 20, 2007

Australia opens its doors to OFWs

What a great news for many overseas Filipino workers to work in Australia. This came after an employer's group there opened the idea of subsidizing the deployment of professionals and skilled workers to Down Under.

The move would surely create a great relief for many Filipinos who have been hankering to leave the Philippines to look for greener pastures elsewhere. And this is an opportunity for them to prove their mettle in Australia, in partnership with MAB International Services, a manpower agency duly registered with the Philippine Overseas Employment Adminstration (POEA).

With this, professionals and skilled workers, who don't have the opportunity to advance or improve their lives in the country may now the choice to bank their luck on seeking jobs that fit their qualifications and experiences. For sure, the exodus of medical professionals will be hard to prevent. At least, the immigration intricacies and the licensing requirements to practice in that country are not so tedious and stringent as it is in the U.S. or Canada. As soon as the papers are approved, immediate family members can go with the principal applicant, rather than wait for more than a decade, which breaks many families apart. Alone the anguish of waiting is exacting a serious toll on the emotions of the hapless petitioners, who wait for many years before they could be together again.

Hopefully, New Zealand will be kind enough to open its doors to OFWs, too. Once and for all, this will stem the tide of migration to the U.S. and open up new opportunities for OFWs. Besides, New Zealand and Australia are closer home.

Interested individuals may get in touch with the POEA to get more details on the procedures and requirements. And beware of illegal recruiters.

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