Wednesday, August 15, 2007

China syndrome?

The China syndrome is taking a heavy toll on imported products from China. For that matter, everybody is now taking extra precautions as to what products they are buying in the markets, which are overflooded with cheap goods from China.

Even America, which accommodated so much of Chinese-made goods, was awakened by the recent deaths of domestic pets that are pet food products from China. The above incident has elicited uproar from consumers thus prompting Chinese authorities to investigate and meted death penalty to a high ranking food and drug official in China. According to reports, the incident was spawned by the presence of contaminated food products which eventually killed the dogs and cats in America.

However, even with the recent execution of a Chinese official, the fear will hang in the air for a long time. Nobody knows for sure how it will go away. Perhaps, the black eye has caused so many losses on China’s exports, which are now being scrutinized further, especially food and drugs in order to avoid the same problem that the international consumers had experienced recently.

We just never know how long will the stigma last. But for sure, consumers are keeping a watchful eye on whatever food stuffs they buy in the markets. Already, big supermarket chains are having a problem on how to discard their old stocks from China. And they are feeling the pinch. What they do now is dispose the items at a big bargain as a means to get rid of the old stock, at the expense of losing a great deal from the impacts of the boycott.

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