Sunday, August 12, 2007

Investments in fixed securities out of reach for OFWs

It is hardly incomprehensible as to why many overseas Filipinos, particularly those based in the U.S., are in quandary on how they could invest some of their hard-earned savings on fixed government securities like the T-Bills and Bonds.

While the Bureau of the Treasury is hell bent on encouraging many Filipinos to part with a portion of their savings on these stable government securities, only a handful are convinced that it is better than to park their money in the bank, which is much safer to be. Accept it or not, it is a reality that ordinary workers could hardly make both ends meet in the Philippines, not to discount the fact that a large number of people are mired in poverty. If ever there are willing individuals, most of them are either above the medium threshold or rich, whose excess money are readily available for divsersification elsewhere.

Rather than concentrate on the local investors, it is perhaps timely that the Department of Finance should intensify its campaign to allow overseas Filipinos to buy fixed intstruments as another way of putting their saving in stable investment options. What we have at this stage are remittance centers that are scattered all over the world, catering mostly to expatriate Filipinos. These remittance centers are big help when it comes to generating sufficient foreign exchange earnings for the country. Ask any teller at these remittance centers and they will tell you that buying of fixed government securities is not a vogue for Pinoys abroad. At this time, many Filipinos wanted to save some of their money, while working abroad. And the availability of fixed instruments is one of the best options.

In California alone, many Filipinos are wondering as to why this form of investments is not readily available. Perhaps, the Department of Finance will have a say on how this problem could be fixed in due time.

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