Monday, August 20, 2007

Nokor refugees await sad fate in China

The People's Republic of China should be thanked for releasing at least six North Korean refugees to South Korea. Of course, the action did not come easy for the international community to prod China to do its share for international humanitarian reason. The six refugees are now doing well in South Korea, and it won't be long when all of them would be resettled in the United States, where they have expressed interest to go.

However, more are languising in Chinese detention cells at this hour. And the United Nations doesn't seem to work seriously so that their immediate release could be expedited soonest. Most of these refugees are North Koreans, who had crossed into China because life under Kim Jong Il's government is lousy and unbearable.

Perhaps, the United Nations, along with the U.S government should do something about the dilemma of many North Korean refugees now being held in China so that they could immigrate somewhere else, rather than returning them to North Korea where they will surely face the gulag-style of punishment.

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