Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pacquiao, Barrera rematch?

There we go again. Boxing fans are expected to witness the same old faces at the international boxing arena.

Philippines' popular boxer Manny Pacquiao and Mexico's Marco Antonio Barrera are again pitted against each other on Oct. 6 in Las Vegas for a rematch, which many boxing observers considered as a money-making venture by promoters who always hungry for cash.

How many times have they fought, with Barrera always going to the canvass? A lot of boxing fans knew first hand that the rematch is surely on the side of Pacquiao, who may have studied the boxing style of Barrera. Unless Barrera's trainers have something new to prove and outwit
the lightning punches of Pacquiao, whom even Floyd Mayweather is thrilled to see the Filipino fight his opponent up in the ring. But it seemed Barrera's strategies are not new anymore to Pacquiao, who ran for a congressional seat in his hometown but eventually lost a scion of a political dynasty whose roots are deep in Mindanao politics.

As both fighters train hard for scheduled rematch, talks are cropping up that the rematch is nothing but a simple replay of the promoters' hunger for money at the expense of risks faced by the boxers. And many are asking, "why not go instead for the title rather than risk the boxer's life and limbs above the ring? Nobody knows for sure if the rematch will turn out to be exciting as expected. Isn't it the promoter's strategy to probably wear out Pacquiao, who sees a bright prospect of dethroning current World Boxing Council Featherweight champion Marquez? However, the only guarantee that Pacquiao camp may have is his strong faith in his Maker that nothing serious will befall him during the rematch. Otherwise, Pacquiao's hope for a clean victory against Marquez may just be another statistics. Everybody knows that boxing is a risky sport. We just hope that there's no underlying motive behind the fight but money.

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