Saturday, February 23, 2008

Egypt can open border to let goods flow for Gaza

I'm not in favor of what Israel had done to impose total blockade against Gaza Strip. But I'm not in favor either of what the Hamas Group is doing by ignoring the repeated calls of Israel to stop sending rockets to its territories.

If the Hamas militants do not stop their threats against Israel, there is no reason for them to call Israel's blockade as "immoral and inhuman." I don't think that what the Hamas militants are doing right now against Israel can be considered an act of gratitude for allowing the Palestinians to come and go in Israel' territory.

The present scenario that is taking place in that part of the Middle East can be compared to a neighborhood where the lawless elements in a neighbor's house should be ignored even if they are harming or killing innocent people inside the

And I think that there are members of Hamas who are intelligent enough to understand the situation at the moment. As the saying goes: "Beggars cannot be choosers." In the case of the peace-loving and good Palestinian citizens, their sufferings right now are the cause of what the Hamas militants had done to elicit the anger of the Israel government. I don't think it is illogical enough to think that only the Palestinian people have the right for co-existence in this planet. Biblically, the political issue now being debated upon between Israelites and the Palestinians has been in the limelight for a long time now so that it already became a "chicken and egg" issue.

In short, the Palestinian people and the armed Hamas Group should meet halfway in order to iron out the kinks that caused them their miseries. Anger and hatred, on the part of Hamas, will only create more troubles ahead, thus putting more people at risks. If the Palestinians do not have the will to pacify Hamas for its militant actions against Israel, there is no way that peace could rein in the area. Perhaps, the best possible means to work this problem out is to approach and beg for President Mubarak to open up the border again. From there, relief goods may be channeled through Gaza either by land or by sea. At least, they are both Arabs speaking on the same tongue and religious freedom.

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