Tuesday, February 12, 2008

RP needs moral revolution

This is a test of time for all Filipinos, especially those who may have been fed up with the way things are going on in Philippine politics. At this time, nobody is quite sure what will happen next. In light of the threats of some cause-oriented groups to hold mass protests in major cities nationwide, the administration did not seem to be bothered at all. In fact, it has already deployed the police and military units at entry points all over Metro Manila, to prevent leftist organizations from coming in and contribute to the instability in the metropolis.

In the first place, why is there a need to hold these mass protests? Are the people already beginning to feel the heat of what some government officials are doing? Once again, the political atmosphere in the country is beginning to get murky owing to the alleged kidnapping of the key witness in the NBN-ZTE broadband project, whereby police security personnel had succeeded in snatching Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada out of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, in connivance with some top brasses of the airport management. Had it not been for the media, Lozada might had been nowhere to be found as what had happened to some individuals.

As this developed, apprehensions have now dominated most parts of the business community which expressed dismay over the recent happenings in the NBN-ZTE scandals, started by no less than the son of former House Speaker Jose De Venicia, who was ousted by majority votes in the Lower House allegedly the handiwork of the Arroyo brothers in Congress.

As Jun Lozada is taking a respite, having been battered by the gruelling ten-hour public hearing on the anomalous ZTE broadband deal conducted by the three Senate committees Monday, an uncanny development is brewing somewhere else. Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo has announced that his group, along with other cause-oriented organizations, will hold protest rallies that would call for the president to step down in due course.

Similarly, ousted House Speaker Joe de Venicia also called on the president to start a moral revolution while it's not too late yet. He then urged the president to start her purge of government agencies that had been notorious when it comes to graft and corruption, if she is really serious in putting the country back into normalcy. Now, the point De Venicia was driving at would now depend as to whether the seriousness of the call would make a dent on the administration's sincere efforts to address some of the problems now plaguing the country.

Moral revolution is the process of correcting the misdeeds of some government officials who are unfit to serve the tasks entrusted to them for public good. The major reason why many people have suffered so much because there are public officials who couldn't deliver what is expected of them by the government.

All they think and do is how to make the most out of the influence that they have at the moment and take advantage of their sensitive positions in government for personal aggrandizement, rather than render quality public service. If the president is really sincere in her intentions to win back the trust of the people, she wouldn't have second thoughts on how she will push through with the government's moral recovery program.

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