Tuesday, February 5, 2008

U.S. presidential primaries mirror for Asia's stability and growth

While the votes are being cast that will favor who among the presidential contenders will successfully make it to the White House, after President George Bush steps down next year, the attention of Philippine politicians and government officials alike have been glued to the boob tubes in order to keep close tabs on what's happening in the polling stations across the U.S.

For the Philippine government, the results of Tuesday's primary polls that will eventually determine who among the democratic and republican candidates will square it off comes the presidential elections in November this year, are expected to play a significant role in the country's political and economic developments.

Actually, there are two major issues that the Philippine government may take into consideration. For sure, one is economic assistance and the other is military assistance. And the deciding factor that will determine as to whether these types of assistance will continue to trickle to the country, now heavily depends on who is going to be the next president of the United States?

For a long time now, the Philippines has been a staunch ally of the United States, especially in its fight against international terrorism. Likewise, the U.S. seems like a big brother who is peering its sights on whoever it is that will bully the Philippines and so with the other Asian countries where American interests play a big part in the region's political stability.

Bilateral trades between the two countries have been strengthened over time, with a hefty volume of the domestic exports going to the U.S. markets and vice versa. Hence, benefitting the domestic economy in general. On defense aspects, the Armed Forces of the Philippines is no doubt getting so much military assistance in terms of hardwares and trainings as a means of enhancing military cooperation between the two countries. And political observers would like to feel the pulse based on the results of the on-going U.S. presidential primaries to find out as to whether these things will continue to favor Philippine interests.

Under the Bush Administration, the Philippines has gained so much in accordance with the established bilateral trade agreements between the two governments. However, the latest results on the presidential primary polls will determine once and for all, if there will be changes on current political and economic situation in the country in particular and the region in general, in so far regional security is concerned.

Hopefully, the next U.S. president will carry on what President Bush has started, which is to crash and eliminate international terrorism in Asia and the rest of the world.

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