Thursday, February 28, 2008

ZTE key witness linked to another woman

In trying to destroy his credibility, ZTE key witness Jun Lozada is now linked by media to a certain mistress by the name of Marissa, a former employee of Alcatel in the Philippines.

At the height of his series of speaking sorties metro-wide, Lozada just shrugged off the controversy and instead insisted that these things are meant to discredit him.

When asked in an ambush interview, Lozada admitted that he knew the woman being linked to him but he didn't elaborate further on the matter. However, he continued to parry questions that he believed would pin him down on the issue. He said that he still loved his family and that his attention now is focused behind the anomalous broadband deal entered by the Philippine government with China.

Lozada paid a short visit inside the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa Thursday, where he was met by thousands of students who skipped their classes and threw confettis from atop the buildings around the PUP campus to grace his visit.

A few minutes prior to his arrival at the PUP Campus, a bomb scare took place inside so that the school's alarm bell went off thus alarming the security which immediately called the bomb disposal unit of the police nearby, but no bomb was found by the sniffing dogs.

There was a chaos at the gate after the security guards locked the entrance gate while the police probers were inside doing their investigation. A heated altercation between the security guards and the students ensued when the latter succeeded in forcing themselves inside the gate.

The classes were suspended for a couple of hours when Lozada got in to speak before the thousands of students who occupied all the floors of the buildings inside the campus.

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