Sunday, March 16, 2008

Professionals continue to seek jobs abroad

A couple of days ago, a group of Filipino workers arrived to work at one of the casinos in Reno, Nevada. These workers, according to reports, comprised of both skilled and professionals who were hired by a recruitment agency in the Philippines that required them to pay at least some US$4,000 in placement fees. The amount includes their air fares and other expenses as part of their deployment to the state of Nevada. I learned that all of them would be working as kitchen aides and housekeeping cleaners in the said casino.

From what I knew, my lucky countrymen are expected to be paid a salary of between $8 to $9 per hour, which is much better than working in the Philippines, where finding a good employment has become a deplorable ordeal for new graduates and some professionals alike. If ever they find jobs, the salaries are not even enough to sustain their economic needs nor support a family. And saving for the future is remote from reality.

At least, what they were in right now is a good opportunity for them to explore other fields if only to advance their careers for good-paying jobs in the medical world. For those who are opting to study the Certified Nursing Assistant course, they can do so and after passing the certification they can surely have two jobs at the different nursing homes in Nevada or elsewhere. In the meantime, they can stick to their present job and make it good so that they can be good examples of how hard-working and efficient Filipinos are.

The above scenario is just a manifestation that if some Filipinos will have the chance to get out of the country, they will do so because of the deplorable economic situation there so that high incidence of poverty is visible. The problem is made more complicated by the prevalence of leeches and vultures in the government, whose only intention is to enrich themselves at the expense of the millions of honest taxpayers.

Therefore, it is not surprising that even Filipino professionals would have no choice but to opt for jobs that are lowly in stature if only to alleviate their sufferings and that of their families back home. Never mind if they are not used to the cold weather and the culture at the work site. At least, it is much, much better than being at home where politics peepers most newspaper headlines, while most of the people are in dire need of the basic services that are not delivered to them.

The Philippines is replete with all kinds of amenities and other conveniences in life, especially in major cities where shopping malls, hotels and big edifices dot the skylines. Because these amenities only proliferate in the big cities, curious people from the rural areas are pulled to try their luck in the overpopulated urban areas where heavy traffic, air pollution, lack of housing and crime incidents are common.

Business is good for those who have enough money to survive. But for those who barely earn reasonable wages, survival in the big cities has become a big problem for many decades now. Leaders have come and gone, but the economic situation in the country has remained the same. I do think that whoever sits at the throne of power, the economic situation will not change for the better because politics has become the big source of corruption. Hence, the quality of life for most Filipinos has barely improved.

That's why, it wouldn't be surprising at all if many professionals and skilled workers are very much eager to seek for greener pastures elsewhere because they can no longer stomach the pains brought about by too much politics in the country. I would like to see a Philippines where government officials linked or are involved in corruption should not hesitate to step down, if only to adopt change in a country where ineptitude is common practice. This is the reason why doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers and other professionals are leaving for good.

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