Sunday, June 28, 2009

LAPD takes into custody Jacko's doctor

A new twist came through in the death of the late pop singer/entertainer Michael Jackson after the latter's personal doctor was taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police detectives for further questioning.

Las Vegas-based Dr. Conrad Murray, however, wasn't considered as a suspect in the death of the pop singer, but a mere witness for him to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the fatal cardiac arrest that brought Jackson to the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles where doctors failed to revive him on Thursday.

As news reports developed, thousands of fans have continued to flock without letup to bring fresh flowers at the singer's walk of fame section in Hollywood Blvd. and his Neverland property, now foreclosed by the banks. While others showed up to pay their last respect to their singing idol. Some of those who came cried, while others were filled with remorse.

Jackson was expected to hold his last concert in London when he suffered his sad fate. As a show of support, Jacko's music records sold like hotcakes, while FM radio stations around the world played his music for the last time in recognition for his exemplary performance in the music world.

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