Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Today is the fourth of July, the celebration of American independence. Something inevitable goes with it as an inseparable part of commemorating this memorable day. Of course, public eyes can see how this transformation took place many decades ago until it was totally ingrained in the minds of most Americans as an integral part of their political history.

In almost all parts of the country, all kinds of fireworks materials are displayed for sale at strategic points as allowed by the authorities. Not just anybody can sell fireworks without first getting a permit from the local government where it has jurisdiction over the business. I'm reminded of how we celebrate independence day in my own country.The only stark difference here is that while American got its independence from Britain many years back, my country got its independence from the United States, which liberated the country during the Japanese time and placed us as one of its trust territories in the Asia-Pacific Rim.

Simply put, the United States celebrates its independence day by allowing fireworks display which normally takes place at night time. But the most colorful display of fireworks burst take place near the popular beaches across the country. This is a feat that is only done during the celebration of New Year's day. But that's how it is and so be it. Filipino-Americans, who had taken the United States as their second home do celebrate this important occasion, too.

In my country, what the national government does is simply to organize annual parades and wreath-laying at the Luneta Park in Manila, to honor the death of our fallen heroes. The Philippines was ruled by Spain for more than four centuries, until the Americans came under Gen. Dewey, defeated the Spanish Armada at Manila Bay.

What is amusing is that all roads lead to the best beaches in Southern California. No wonder then because it coincides with summer time. The warmth temperature pushed people to go down to the beaches to cool themselves off. For example, the Redondo Beach Pier is now filled to capacity. So its pristine beach where thousands of people flock to while away their time, waiting for the amber sunset and the burst of fireworks display at night time.

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