Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is it wrong to dry clothes in the sun?

Furious over drying clothes in the sun?

It only happens in America. But not in some countries in Asia where drying clothes in the heat of the sun is a common practice taken from their ancestors many centuries ago. And the controversy blew out of proportion because some people just couldn't understand the credible reason why we have to tap the sun's energy to our own advantage. At this time when most people are complaining about the fluctuating prices of imported oil, certain measures should be used if only to cut unnecessary household costs which kind of making a serious toll on the ordinary pockets.

That's exactly what an ordinary housewife did in Vermont recently when she tried to hand her newly washed clothes in the heat of the sun. Perhaps, she just couldn't resist the temptation of tapping the natural energy from the sun and at the same time, cutting her electricity bills. But some of her neighbors just couldn't stand what she did and they were fuming mad about her new fight to save energy. But instead of being appreciated, she had earned the ire of her neighbors who had started accusing her of violating the neighborhood's decency by displaying personal items that tend to distract passers-by. She, however, insisted that what she did saved her some extra expenses for unwanted energy bills that she may have spent had she used her dryer.

For them, this practice was misconstrued as an eyesore that is frowned upon by most Americans. For them, the dryer and laundry washer were all most people do to be considered civilized in this world. There wasn't any proof at all of stereotyping against those who resorted back to the old practice of drying clothes in the sun. But negative reactions spoke louder than words. Some people couldn't just accept the fact that there are those who wanted to make a change in their lifestyles by a little bit economizing on certain things in order to save a little bit more of their hard-earned money. Still, there aren't too many people who don't seem to understand the proper advantages of having your clothes left to dry in the heat of the sun. But some people do. For example, someone wrote in the website which she stated the advantage of drying clothes in the sun versus drying them in a high-heat dryer.

"If you are concerned about which method kills pathogens more, I would say that drying your clothes in the sun would indeed be more effective due to the presence of ultraviolet light. UV light is the primary reason that pathogens/bacteria do not survive well in sunlight.," she wrote.

Now, the furor over this issue came into the spotlight when some concerned energy nuts rose up to the occasion and organized themselves into a group that thought of seeking the help of the White House to support their cause. Perhaps, one of which is to find out if drying clothes in the sun can be considered unacceptable?

While some people heavily depend on certain modern technologies to make their household chores a little bit much easier to do, majority in the developing world still cling to the old tradition of hanging their newly washed clothes in their backyard, especially when the sun is out all day. Aside from this, millions of women in the Third World still cling to the old practice of washing their clothes along the riverbanks because that's what they were trained to do by their
ancestors. Despite the absence of these modern equipment and appliances, many of the Third World population can still survive and keep up with the intricacies of living and at the same time, helping the world lessen our heavy dependence of costly energy that tends to destroy our one and only planet.

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