Thursday, July 2, 2009

Most Americans favor public option

Public option on the health insurance issue is taking so much ride among the people. But nobody is sure if the US legislators, particularly the conservatives, will ever support it. However, what bogs most people right now is the way the issue on public option is being discussed. Everybody knows that more than 70 percent of the people, even those with private insurance, are convinced that the single payee system is most appropriate at this time when most Americans are hard up on how to make both ends meet.

What is surprising, however, is how come even some democrats do not seem to listen to the call of President Obama to support the public option on health care. This leads to some nasty thinking that may be some mysterious things are taking place, which are beyond anyone's imagination. For example, some Republicans are saying that resorting to public option will result in the derailment of some private insurance companies, which will be expected to be out of business once the public option is passed in the halls of Congress. I, for one, can't really understand why there is already an answer to a speculation.

The reason why public option on health care is being pushed is because the people wanted to have a fair competition in the market, which is only a natural thing in a democratic country like the United States. Now, if some legislators are afraid that the private insurance will be out of business, who cares? Let them compete if they really feel that what they are giving to the people in so far as quality health insurance is competitive with the single payee system like medicare? In other words, why preempt something that has not happened. Let public option have its day in the market so that the people will have the chance to try it rather than not having tried it at all. Everybody knows that the primary concern of some legislators are that the taxes will go up once the public option is approved in Congress. In many European countries and in Canada, the single payee system is effective. If it is, there is no reason why it can't be effective in the United States. Well, what's wrong with that if most of the people will enjoy the quality health care services that they have been aspiring for over a long period of time. Perhaps, it is about time that most the of American people deserve a kind of health care that is affordable to the ordinary pockets. I don't think it is wrong to think that socialism is a bad thing, especially if it benefits to a large number of people, particularly the 47 million uninsured people in America at the moment.

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