Thursday, August 20, 2009

Diploma mills on the rise

A wide variety of online education offers are all over cyberspace. Some of them just pop up in your email address inbox at any given time. What makes it worrisome is that many of these online colleges and universities offering course in the internet are bogus. Why? Because most of them are not accredited by the U.S. Department of Education in any manner.

To make it appear that they are accredited, they have established the same bogus world online education accrediting institution in cyberspace as a means to convince would-be victims that the online university is indeed accredited even if it's not. What makes it worse is that even animals can be issued a diploma and transcript of records provided they pay a certain amount to buy the package order consisting of fake documents. Isn't it funny?

Diploma mill business, which capitalizes on life experiences and trainings that are used for evaluation purposes, has become an underground industry that heaps millions, if not billions of dollars, fooling many people around the world, especially those who are working adults who have no time or lazy to go back to school due to some constraints or personal commitments. This is where these bogus online universities come in. Perhaps, they knew that these people need these school credentials that they could use for home display or for promotion at the work site.

Here are some of the few observations why they appear to be bogus: 1. The online university doesn't have a permanent address but a toll-free telephone number that is probably connected to a call center for a fee; 2. Payment for the course order is directed to an education services provider anywhere across America; 3. Origin of the documents, which is normally sent through courier services like UPS or FedEX, come from Asia or the Middle East, instead of the U.S.A.

In America alone, thousands of victims could only heave in great frustrations. Because not only their bright hopes and positive expectations gone but their hard-earned money, too, that runs to thousands of dollars. What is painful is that some of them haven't even gotten hold of the diploma or transcript of records because the federal authorities have caught up with the masters of deception. While others have received theirs but couldn't use them because the employers knew they are fake.

Popular among these bogus online universities offering a variety of courses that could be earned in lieu for life experiences include Belford University, Rochville University, Rushmore University, Glendale University, Washington International University, and many more. Authorities said some of these bogus universities are owned and managed by the same group of people who established the World Online Education Accrediting Commission as a means to validate their claim for accreditation. But the same is non-existent.

Next time you stumble on this kind of course offering, all you have to do is check their addresses and valid accreditation if they are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or other accrediting institutions listed in the directory of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, an independent private accrediting agency based in Washington,D.C. The CHEA website contains a searchable database to check accreditation status of approved accreditation agencies, accredited schools, or schools currently in the process of getting accreditation.

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