Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gaga over impending immigration reforms

Early next year, President Barack Obama is expected to tackle the hotly-debated immigration reform issue. But reviving the sensitive issue on the failed comprehensive immigration reform is already simmering into the atmosphere. In fact, some sectors are already going gaga by spewing with all types of negative reactions against the possibility of legalizing millions of illegal immigrants in this country.

Some of the comments insisted that legalizing millions of illegal immigrants would snatch Americans of their present jobs, considering they already hurt labor markets brought about by the present economic recession. No question about that. However, I still believed that most of those doing those dirty jobs right now are being done by many illegal immigrants whose only intention is to survive the dog-eat-dog competition in the labor market, where many Americans don't want to do. To claim that these people are snatching jobs from Americans is not reasonable at all.

Why be insecured in the first place? Are you not competent enough to do your jobs that you feel downright afraid on the presence of these industrious guests in your backyards? What I could say, perhaps, is to calm down in the midst of all these apprehensions, after all it is still your work performance that will gauge as to whether you are fit for retention or not. The best thing that any worker can do at this point in time is just to work diligently and not be intimidated by the impending discussions about immigration reforms.

However, should the present Congress, which comprises majority democratic votes, it is highly likely that the comprehensive immigration reforms will be addressed and deliberated accordingly. In the meantime, allowing the new president to lead the way and respect his opinion and so with those of the other democrats is still the most appropriate move that anyone can do at this time. Rather than regal in the selfish motives of one's intellect, it is still humanly act to know and feel that there are millions out there who aspire to become part of this progressive and prosperous country.

What's wrong with that if these men and women, like many others, would want to improve their lives by sharing the bounty of what God has given us.

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