Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Greyhound racing to compromise animal welfare

I simply couldn't understand the logic why some legislators had scheduled deliberations on a bill that would pave the way for allowing greyhound dog racing in the province of Cebu. Now, the issue is soliciting split opinions from animal welfare groups as to whether it is right for some businessmen to push through with the plan to legalize dog racing in the Philippines.

At this time, when dog racing has been banned in many places worldwide, particularly the United States and Europe, some business-oriented individuals are trying their best to make it appear that this form of gambling using animals for patrons to put their bets on will somehow give them the leverage to earn hefty sums of money in exchange for abusing thousands of animals like greyhound dogs.

If this bill is passed in Congress population of greyhound puppies will explode because of the need to select breeds that are of excellent quality to be used for dog racing. Hence, endangering their welfare in the hands of dog trainers and owners whose only motive is to earn big without the benefit of giving proper care to the animals.

If approved in Congress, House Bill No. 5291 will grant Fox Millennium Amusement Club a franchise to construct, operate and maintain a rreyhound Racetrack in the city of Mandaue in Cebu province. "This measure has already been approved by a legislative conference committee and is now being considered by the Philippine Senate," says the Hong Kong-based Animals Asia Foundation.

According to AAF, it is wrong to use any animal for the purpose of public entertainment or sport if it results in any compromise to the health or welfare of the animal concerned. "Animals Asia believes that the practice of breeding and racing greyhounds is inherently cruel with thousands of dogs being killed each year due to injuries sustained while racing and becoming surplus to the industry’s needs at the end of their racing careers", it added.

Alone, animal rights groups said that breeding of greyhound will result in the explosion of unwanted dogs whose adoption may be jeopardized as many of these abused dogs may be sickly and injured. Besides, there are not enough people to take in what the racetracks had discarded for adoption purposed.

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