Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unjust comments of a radioman

Who is this radioman Adam Carolla, who acted like he was a demigod of the airwaves when he took a pot shots of the Filipinos, including world boxing champ Manny Pacquiao whom he called an "idiot"? Then, he thought it later that what he did was wrong and apologized for his misdeeds.

Are you kidding. Adam? Since when did you come to your senses? News reports from Filipino newspapers like the Philippines News were barking at the front pages to protest this seemingly uncalled tirades against an Asian minority in America. For whatever reason why he did it, nobody knows. But perhaps, he had something personal against Filipinos which the only way to get even is to bully them by giving negative comments using the airwaves that seemed to destroy the image of peace-loving and hardworking people in America.

These days, poking at people has become a sideshow, if only to get attention of people or perhaps, to get higher ratings in the broadcast media industry. I have no idea if this is what Adam Carolla felt these days. But the way I discern it, he could be dreaming of putting his radio program on the pedestal by doing some "character assassination" on the air.

Had the Filipino communities across American did not lift a finger to complain about his unfair and unjust criticisms against Filipinos, Carolla would be laughing on the sideline and could be proud of himself for making negative comments against racial minorities in America. If he did it to Filipinos, he could also do the same to other Asian minorities, whom he considered as "eyesores" in America. Next time, think about it first before hurling those negative comments against anybody. Until a libel suit is filed against Carolla, he won't learn his lessons well. Do you think it would be better if Adam Carolla should be pitted to face Mr Pacman  in the boxing arena to see if the latter is really "idiot."

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