Saturday, August 28, 2010

GOCCs are milking cows of hungry execs

Everytime, I come across news reports of allegations that put government controlled corporations in the limelight just made me so downtrodden not because I pity these executives running these GOCCs while many of the people are wallowing in poverty.

I couldn't imagine how these executives could have a face to show the public by ignoring the realities of time. Of course, they are ignorant on the figures and official statistics that the Philippines' more than 70 percent population are poor. Yet they have the temerity to receive those excessive, if not, fat salaries which under normal circurmastances are deemed unimaginable of a person's ordinary mental faculty.

Yet, everytime, the national government is left without a choice but to be helpless in enforcing policies that would correct these shenanigans in most of the these government corporations. Now, I learned that Malacanang had acted based on reports to at least tame the GOCCs' fat salaries and bonuses by issuing an executive order. If this EO is addressed to these top GOCC executives, I doubt it if it would really merit positive results knowing how callous some Filipinos are when it comes to "delicadeza". Had anybody committed suicide, after his or her name had been put in bad light? Doubt it. And no one had ever done that as what the Japanese officials and executives when they are put to shame because of corruption or any wrong doing that would seriously tarnish their image in public?

All these years, not anybody I knew had ever attempted nor I had known of any public officials who came out to express an apology for pocketing billions of pesos in taxpayers' money for their self-aggrandizement? Nope! And here are these vultures in the GOCCs whose only motive is to hide behind the siheld of the board's independent charter, which by no means, could put them under no further scrutiny. I think it is only fitting that the administration of President Benigno Aquino had slashed a sizable amount of the funds accorded to these GOCCs.

But one of the GOCCs that continues to be inept and insensitive to the financial aspirations of its millions of members is the GSIS. And why not? While many of its executives are getting fat salaries and bonuses, lowly employees of government are being deprived of their rights to apply for loans that they could use to start a business. Worse is that loan applicants are caught in a limbo everytime they apply for loans. There are organizations that initiate moves to drum up their support for those who were taken advantaged of by the pension fund agency but to no avail. I'm not quite sure if they were bought or what? Otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised why they kept silent after a while and the objectives they were fighting for just vanished into the thin air.

If there is only a strong non-government organization that could lobby for the complete re-engineering of the GSIS, it would be a welcome development. Until this time, I haven't heard anybody doing the move. Or it could be possible that a non-government organization should be created to initiate a new type of cooperative that could parallel the services that the GSIS or SSS is doing to its millionsn of members. And one of the legislators, most probably from the party-list group, should file a resolution making no longer compulsory for government employees to become members of the pension fund agency.

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