Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breast cancer cure a remote possibility?

It is so frustrating to read that a lot of people, especially women, are dying from terminal sickness like breast cancer. The case of the late Elizabeth Edwards had made a reawakening of how those millions of affected victims were reduced to expect miracles to heal them. For many decades, medical scientists had made serious efforts to discover a lasting cure for this malady. I'm not saying that nothing was done to cure this disease. Like the HIV, breast cancer is one of the killer diseases that hounds millions of women worldwide.

It is public knowledge that medical scientists from advanced countries like the United States, Britain, Germany and so forth and so on have made attempts or are undertaking researches on how to cure breast cancer. But it seems nothing much was done to solve this problem.

Despite the billions of dollars poured in to make the breast cancer research project successful, more work need to be done. Lately, I was wondering if the medical scientists are really serious in their efforts to find a cure to this disease? While thousands of women die of breast cancer on a daily basis, non-government organizations are in a mad scramble to raise funds enough to support the scientists' concerted efforts to realize their mission.

My only hope is for these scientists to finally make a headway in discovering a cure for this type of cancer. Otherwise, it would be considered a great insult for countries whose scientists are known worldwide to launch spacecrafts onto outerspace but could not make a scientific edge on how to discover a vaccine that will eventually kill breast cancer cells? What happens right now is that the agony of those moneyed breast cancer patients or those with good health insurance are only extended beyond their expectations? What about those who can't afford or have no financial means to carry on with their cancer treatments?

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