Thursday, December 23, 2010

Obama asked to wield pen on immigration reform

Many Fil-Am organizations in Southern California have expressed dismay over the recent failure of Congress to pass the Dream Act, whose primary intention was to legalize the stay of children brought into the United States by their undocumented parents. Leading the protest are the Alliance-Philippines and the National Alliance of Fililipino Concerns (NAFCON), which believed the negative impacts it will have on the more than 800,000 children whose only wish is to live a good life and a bright future in America. But their ambitions were quashed when Congress failed to give the proposed law a nod.

With majority GOP members taking over the Lower House next year, there is a big doubt that any political agenda, especially pertaining to immigration reform that the Obama Administration keeps on pushing, will be killed. But President Obama can still wield his executive power by issuing an Executive Order that will legalize the stay of the undocumented Latinos and other foreigners across the United States. Cause-oriented organizations believed this is the only way to by-pass whatever discriminatory agenda that the GOP has at the moment.

Instead of deporting the millions of undocumented aliens, it would still be ideal if the federal government will rethink its policy on immigration.  Economically, the federal government shall opt to benefit from their stay by requiring all of them to pay for whatever fines and penalties that they could afford rather than strain the  government's coffer for whatever expenses that it may incur to detain and deport these undocumented aliens. When everything was put in order,  enforce whatever is needed to strengthen border security across the country, particularly those areas that are adjacent to Mexico.

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