Monday, September 26, 2011

Bogus advertisers

Since I learned to visit the public library where I lived in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles, I made it a habit to browse over the, one of the best sources of jobs that one needs to have as a reliable website. But my belief and trust in this website, which they said was better than the jobs advertised with newspapers, was broken. I began to suspect that the jobs advetsied in this website may have been made up or fabricated to make it appear that thousands of vacancies were still available despite the economic recession, which persisted till the late months of 2011.

In fact, President Obama already decided to release another billions of stimulus to spike consumer spending. But this had infuriated the Republicans, which according to them, would aggravate the the present economic situation. Obama would pursue his administration's plan of imposing more taxes to those earning between 250,000 and millions annually, to raise more revenues for the government. Otherwise, there's no way the federal government could accomplish such a gigantic economic program under his reign.

One of the best ways I thought to succeed in applying for jobs in the American markets was to prepare a good resume. I had to study how they made their resumes in America and what types of resumes were effective and acceptable to American employers.

The next step was to send these resumes to various employers, which advertised their vacancies at craigslist. In my experience, I didn't get any positive replies from these employers. Sometimes, I would think that perhaps, these jobs posted at were suspected to be fakes. Or it could be that the craigslist management was making fun of people, particularly those who are hankering for the much-needed jobs that any one could have to survive. But the more I expect, the more I got nothing in return. I would think of writing to craigslist to verify if the jobs were true or not. Every time, the craigslist email address was the only way to send the letter of application. But how sure I was that my emailed application would be entertained considering the millions of applicants that swarm craigslist's website.. I couldn't blame them.

With 2.3 million people without jobs in America right now, owing to the relocation of corporations to China, there's no way any foreign born applicant could ever land a descent job in America. The problem would be more aggravated if keeps of posting vacancies in its website but whose advertisers do not even acknowledge if they received your application or not. Most of the time, they're mum. I have doubts in my mind that some of those advertised jobs are real. Perhaps, one most important requirement for advertisers to follow is for craigslist to require them to give their direct email addresses or telephone numbers, rather than use the email address of craigslist. There is a strong possibility that craigslist email address will be overloaded. If they're really real advertisers, why can't they provide their own email addresses or telephone numbers? Frankly speaking, I don't want to be bothered again by a hoax. If I'm not wrong, craigslist does not have the capability or the technology to filter its site and instead free itself from entertaining bogus advertising copies. Next time nobody will believe anymore that those vacancies are real.

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