Sunday, June 24, 2012

Egypt elects new Islamic leader

Morsi casts his vote in Egypt.
Egypt has elected a new leader, after the ouster of its former president Hosni Mubarak who is confined in the hospital for a long time.

Mohamed Morsi, who is educated in America and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood,  garnered a total of 13 million votes, or 52% of the total votes cast against Ahmed Shafik who only got 48%.

Muslim Brotherhood, where the newly elected president belongs, came into the international spotlight for killing the former president Anwar Sadat many years back. And this is what makes millions of Egyptians apprehensive as to what kind of future that awaits them under a conservative leader whose personality could be put under the influence of a foreign power.

Morsi's winning the Egyptian presidency has kept many international political observers asking as to what will happen now that Egypt is under an Islamic leader, next to Iran?

Based on the CNN analyses, tension in Egypt's capital is growing as police and  the military are on guard to ensure that any untoward incident will happen, even as election officials had already declared Morsi as the winner.

With Morsi at the reign of power, many Egyptians are asking if their lives will change for the better under the man whose ideals maybe influenced by the clout of another Muslim country that is known for its hardline stance against America, in exchange for economic and military assistance?

Perhaps, what the world expects is for Egypt to maintain, if not improve, its democratic practices while at the same time, making sure that its relationship with the outside world will not be tarnished.

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