Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monsoon rains subside, sun comes out

The non-stop torrential rains that brought Metro Manila to a standstill had slowly subsided, my relatives said.

They said the sun has finally come out to shower the flooded streets with its golden rays. But for me, it isn't enough to dry up the surface and extinguish the fears that still grip most Filipinos whose households were submerged under water.

All we could blame were the monsoon rains that continuously poured over most parts of central and northern Luzon areas. As weather officials said in a broadcast, there was no typhoon but a low pressure area far away from the Philippines.  The typhoon was headed to Taiwan and Mainland China, where some 250,000 were already affected as the typhoon made a landfall, a newswires agency said.

Accordingly, people have started picking up the pieces. In some areas in Marikina City, where most of the barangays were heavily inundated, many of the displaced residents begin returning to their homes.

"I'm sure, there will be a lot of cleaning inside those houses that were submerged by the floods," a nursing student said. But many people are still wondering if electricity will be restored. However, when everything clears out the people will be facing another hurdle. The Manila Electric Company has jacked up its power rates even as the floodng has completely subsided.

It is with mixed feelings that when everything is in a mess, Meralco is going to hike its power rates. This power company has no conscience at all. I think there is something going on here. After Meralco has shut down Metro Manila's power for at least seven days, it is beginning to recover its losses by hiking up its power rates again.

I couldn't imagine of a company that abuses its monopoly of the power industry in  Metro Manila. Why can't Meralco suspend it for a while until everything returns to normal?  When most parts of Metro Manila are still reeling from the effects of the flooding,  basic services due them should be delievered first before anything else takes place. Above all, those affected are expected to cope up with their losses. Probably, it will take months before their minds and hearts will return to normal again. I'm sure the healing period will be long and tough.

My sympathy goes to those who have suffered a lot, especially those who had lost their loved ones at the height of the turmoil.

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