Friday, September 14, 2012

Are extra-terrestrial beings manipulating humans?

One wonders how those ancient pyramids in Egypt and South America, stonehenge, and monoliths were constructed. Were they built with the aid of aliens who came down from the sky to help human in exchange for something? Nobody has the correct answers to these questions.

But if we make a thorough research on whether the earth's ancient civilization had attracted other beings from outerspace, we may be able to find theories and codes that will make us stitch together some facts which will make believe that some extra terristrial beings had visited the earth thousands of years ago.

A closer look at the oldest monuments that have pockmarked some strategic places on earth made us believed that it could be possible. Looking at those gigantic ancient structures, it would be impossible for ordinary humans, with crude instruments and technology, would ever succeed in constructing such monumental feats, without the help of beings from other planets who must have come down for curiosity or for some economic reasons.

Could it be possible that ancient people got some of their knowledge in building these ancient pyramids and monuments from alien beings in exchange for gold or other minerals which the aliens took to their planets to beef up their depleted resources?  Scientists and researchers were astonished to find that the geographical position of the pyramids in Egypt was exactly patterned that of the position of a group of stars in heaven. Weren't these structures an outlandish landmark to guide the extra-terristrial beings from making safe navigation and landing every time they visit the earth. 

Try to make a research and you will find that the pyramids of Egypt are aligned on a straight line between Denmark's ancient structures and that of Greece's. Is this coincidental? Scientists couldn't believe it. They explained that these straight lines could have been refuelling stations for alien spacecrafts who came to earth thousands of years ago.

Let's not go far beyond to get some answers. Although some of the passages were believed to have been removed on orders of Pope Pius, the Old Testament cites clearly as to whether alien beings came in contact with humans.

In the Old Testament, under Genesis, Chapter 6 of the King James Version, it states: "There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men, which were of old, men of renown."

But in the Jerusalem Bible, it says: "The Nephilins were on the earth at that time (and even afterward) when the sons of God resorted to the daughters of men, and had children by them. These are the heroes of days gone by, the famous men."

Interpretations made by scientists explained that the Nephilins referred to in the bible were also called the Annunakis, a group of extra-terristrial beings who came down from the sky more than 4000 years ago to extract gold from the earth, somewhere in Mesopotamia. As their excavations expanded, it was only natural that they would need more robust men to help them do the manual labor. When Sumerians rejected their offer, they were forced to interbred with local women.

Read further and you will find out in a book titled "The History of the World." According to its author, J.M. Roberts, "In roughly 4000 B.C., just before the first
civilization appeared, the earth probably contained a population of 80 to 90 million human beings."

Further, the book stated that Sumeria, an ancient name for Mesopotamia, was populated by people of Caucasian origin. Scholars are in a limbo as to the exact peiod when they arrived in the area. But they were of a mixture of stocks, perhaps, including the earlier inhabitants of the region, which were believed to have been drawn from both foreign and local elements, the book said. Does the word "foreign" mean alien beings? It could be.

Sumerian writings unearthed by archaelogists described the Annunakis to be more than eight feet tall. At that time, they were called the giants who interbred with Sumerian women, and whose sons became mighty men.

According to the "It appears that the Anunnaki's mode of operation is to leave 'primitive' species such as humanity to flourish on the planet's surface, while more advanced races accessing the inner earth, such as the Giants in the inner earth and the reptilians between the inner earth and the surface, all form a kind of 'planetary management team' to harvest humanity in a way that serves the long-term interest of a faction of the Anunnaki, who return periodically to assess their 'human experiment'. It therefore appears that the Anunnaki form a kind of regulatory agent to ensure that the Earth's resources, and humanity in general, are responsibly 'managed'."

In view of these developments, many intellectuals and scientists are thinking that the political, economic, and scientific advancements in the world are factors that were designed through the dictates of the extra-terrestrial beings who continue to manipulate mankind's thinking for the sake of their own interests.

 For me, the earth is being manipulated like a computer game wherein the hands of the Annunakis are controlling humans to do what they wish for us to do to accomplish their mission on earth.

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