Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dirty insinuations vs a DILG official

Dirty insinuations against a ranking official's involvement in the crash of the ill-fated twin engine that killed the top boss of the Philippines' Department of Interior and Local Governments is slowly coming into the spotlight.

Media reports said that a day after the plane crash, DILG Undersecretary Rico Puno, along with some police officials, went to the condominium unit being rented by the late Secretary Jesse Robredo and his family, for reasons unknown to many people. They were asking why Puno dared to go to the late Robredo's condo unit a day after his death? Was he looking for some records related to an investigation being conducted by the late Robredo against him?

It's good that the security people in that condominium building in Quezon City were not sleeping on their posts. Otherwise, the mere presence of a ranking official of the DILG, together with some police officials, may have intimidated them. Instead, they asked the visitors to write their names in the log book.

DILG Undersecretary Rico Puno is the shooting range buddy of President P-Noy. This could be the reason why he was appointed to the DILG post.

Nobody has the concrete answer yet as to Puno's ulterior motive behind after he failed to get into the condo unit and the DILG office of Robredo. But upon learning this, President P-Noy immediately ordered that the records in the office of Robredo, including his condo unit, be closely guarded.

ABS-CBN news anchor Noli de Castro said that a special report on the investigation being conducted by Robredo against Puno will be revealed tomorrow. However, he didn't elbarote further as to the details of the said report.

It will be recalled that Puno was then given the mantle of authority by President P-Noy to be incharge of all the police forces, firemen and the jailguards in the country, to the frustrations of other government officials and the public as well. For how could a second in command be given that scope of authority? In the previous administrations, the previous DILG secretaries were always in command of the whole machinery of the DILG.

It couldn't be known yet if the investigation reports that are put on hold has something to do with the shenanigans allegedly made by some ranking officials, while the late Secretary Robredo was the helm of the Department of Interior and Local Governments.

Once and for all, the pending reports will, once and for all, clarify some issues which could be connected to the plane crash off the waters of Masbate province.

Let's see what will happen.

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