Monday, September 24, 2012

Public officials must respect the flag

At least, three flag raising ceremonies took place at the Supreme Court premises. It was strange to notice that many of the associate justices failed to attend the same.

Was it a show of frustration on the part of the associate justices that Maria Lourdes Sereno was the one appointed to be the chief justice of the Supreme Court? Of course, nobody will say what's really the reason why some of Sereno's colleagues continue to ignore her leadership. Or was it because one of their favorites wasn't picked in place of Sereno?

Chief Justice Sereno
As this developed, opinions are cropping up that the failure of some associate justices to attend the flag-raising ceremonies, which are a normal practice for all government officials and employees to pay their respect to the Philippine flag, are tangible disrespect to the leadership of Sereno in the Supreme Court.

Some of them thought that their continuous failure to ignore the morning rites at the Supreme Court grounds was a means to ventilate their grievances against Sereno. As far as I'm
concerned, it wasn't CJ Sereno that they're insulting but the appointing authority.  If there's a current provision in the Constitution or an administrative order that makes it punishable for government officials and employees to disrespect the Philippine flag, it needs to be reviewed and implemented. If there's none, then it is only timely that the President should issue an executive order that will make it punishable, under the law, for public officials and employees to be liable for not honoring the Philippine flag.

Supreme Court officials, or other public officials both in the national and local governments, must set an example to the people as a manifestation of their love for the country. Ignoring the flag-raising ceremonies can be misinterpreted as an insult to the Philippine flag.

 When I was in grade school, our teachers would always remind us to stop everytime the flag-raising ceremony, along with the national anthem,  is taking place. However, it is shameful that public officials, who are supposed to lead the way, are the ones violating this practice.

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