Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Suicide bombers vs allied forces

A Taliban tries to shoot a woman
in the head for adultery.
A suicide bomber struck again. This had resulted to the death of at least 25 innocent people during a funeral procession in eastern Afghanistan. This took place after the Talibans had succeeded in series of bombings that killed a lot of people in the past.

In their desperate attempts to get back at the allied forces, in partnership with Afghan forces, the Talibans have been using suicide bombers to retaliate and kill other people in the name of their religious ideology.

The Talibans always wanted to convert Afghanistan into a purely Islamic country, where advancement in education, and women whose faces are not covered by a veil, are considered mortal sins. To them, these practices are against the teachings of the Holy Koran, and where women are forced to obey their masters' greeds.

However, the presence of the allied forces have made them inutile to implement what they wanted to be done in the pursuit of their religious ideals for the Afghan people. The Talibans' failure to haul as many followers as they could, which are done through threats and intimindation in remote communities, they have resorted to using humans to let the world know that they are still around.

At this point in time, the allied forces in Afghanistan seemed helpless to put in place the developments they had introduced in that part of the world. With so many uneducated people around, the foreign forces are left without a leverage but to be put in the middle of a political chaos, whose effective solutions are far-fetched from reality.

When the lives of innocent people, including that the foreign forces whose objective is  to maintain peace and order, and help in infrastructure developments, are put at stake, foreign governments have no other options but to pull out their troops. In this way, the Afghan people will have to manage their own affairs. And let's see what will happen to them.

At this stage, it is doubly hard to convince the Afghan people to unite for the sake of development and peace. I hope that one day, they will realize the importance of co-existence for the sake of the present and the future generations.

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