Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mockery kills

The killings perpetrated by  the Muslim mob against a US envoy and other personnel Libya,  is a reflection of immaturity and fickle-mindedness of some Libyans in retaliation for the mockery in the internet of Islam. And many American embassy personnel around the Middle East are apprehensive over this unwanted development.

In fact, President Barack Obama has already ordered  the tightening of security at every American embassy in the Middle East, after the killing the above incident. Obama said the US government has received assurance from the new Libyan government that the culprits would be brought to justice for the killings of the US personnel.

This is not the first time that threats and intimidations had been done to those who put the Islamic religion into a mockery. Many years ago, British novelist Salman Rushdie was threatened and ordered for elimination by then Ayatollah Khomeini for writing a book titled "The Satanic Verses." However, the threats upon Rushdie's life never prospered.

As this is written, the American people are asking why the victims had to suffer for the faults of others? The answer could be remote from reality as the reactions of the mob was swift to bring what they thought as justice served for the mockery of Islam.

It's good to hear that the new Libyan government is ready to address the untoward incident, which was a gross violation of the sovereignty of the United States and the international diplomatic convention where foreign diplomats in other countries must be protected by the host government. In this case, the Libyan government is to be answerable for what happened to the US personnel in Benghazi, Libya. Had the Libyan security and the police been fast enough to contain the violence, the killings should have been prevented outright.

If this happened in Libya, which didn't even happen during the time of the late Moammar Khadaffi, the international diplomatic communities in the Middle East
may have a feeling that this could happen again somewhere. While the mob in Libya had succeeded in benting their ires againstwho  the US diplomat and other personnel who were caught unaware at the embassy, they thought that the problem had been solved.

The culprits may have thought that killings were outright justification for the mistakes that the victims didn't commit in the first place. At this time, when collateral damages are being experienced by some American citizens or any other nationalities overseas, it is only incumbent upon the conscience of other people to refrain from sowing uncanny things where the lives of their fellow men are put at stake.

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