Thursday, September 20, 2012

Undocumented students need Obamacare?

The question as to whether undocumented youths should be eligible to share in the benefits of President Obama's universal healthcare program.

Some people tend to misunderstand the situation by saying that they shouldn't be accorded such benefits because they had violated immigration laws.

However, many others simply were humble enough to say that the undocumented youths are human beings who should have the right to enjoy the federal health care program because they needed it.

While it is true that the undocumented youths, most of them students, are draining the coffers of state and federal governments, they are entitled to such benefits considering that it wasn't their choice to come to America. Pro-immigration advocates said that these youths are not paying their taxes, and it is natural that they shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the health care program of the government.

That's true. As studens, they don't have the means to earn a living, unless some of them are doing part-time jobs to support their studies and basic needs. But when these students graduate from school, there is an inclination for them to find jobs in the market to support themselves. Eventually, they will be required to pay their annual taxes, and at the same time, paying a portion of their income to the Social Security Administration so that they may be able avail of their retirement benefits in the future.

At the moment, there is no way that the former undocumented students (now under the Deferred Action program of President Obama)  will be able to share their income as most of them still rely from their parents for financial support.

It is hard to imagine that there are people who couldn't realize how hard it is to live this way. In the first place, it is not their choice to set their foot on foreign soil. It is a choice that their parents or relatives initiated to cross the border to improve their lives. Despite the risks, these undocumented children were brought into the United States without knowing what future awaited them.

I don't think it is proper for some people to judge them for what they are in right now.  And they don't deserve such fate and hatred.

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