Monday, October 15, 2012

Inhuman action by Talibans

The shooting by the Taliban gunman of a Pakistani school girl identified as Malala Yousufzai for speaking out in public was an incident that could be hailed by the international communities as a clear aggression against women.

She's now undergoing treatment at a hospital in the United Kingdom and being guarded to ward off further attacks by the other Muslim militants.

The Pakistani girl's experience is only one among the many incidents that took place in Muslim countries where speaking out in public against society's shenanigans and ills are common cause of being beaten up or killed by suspected Muslim extremists.

If I'm not wrong,  being knowledgeable on issues that affect our lives, injure the Talibans'  sensibilities and religious beliefs? If not, what's the major reason why until they continue to become ignorant of what's going on around the world. In fact, during the Talibans' occupation of Afghanistan many years back, women are barred from getting education. Why? Perhaps, to them women are instruments or materials things that are exclusively destined for the home.

What a backward thinking or belief that rules their minds in this modern age, when advanced technology and everything else have already gone beyond man's capability to comprehend complicated things and issues at hand. Even Muslim religious scholars have opened their minds to religious, political, social and economic issues and developments.

Yet, the Talibans have remained unreasonable and illogical in their belief so that the only way to impose their will upon those who tend to go beyond what is acceptable to the Muslim religion should be punished. Hence, the shooting of the young Pakistani activist in the head.

Of course, the international communities have expressed sadness over the horrendous action that the Taliban suspect did to an innocent Pakistani girl who only wanted to express what she thought was right, within the framework of what she perceived as part of the freedom of expression.

After this incident happened, the international communties have expressed hope that the Pakistani government would exhaust all means to stop this kind of criminality against women by doing all it could to round up the Talibans who have easy access to cross into Pakistan from Afghanistan. I think this couldn't have happened if the Pakistani government has properly secured its borders with Afghanistan to prevent the Talibans from spilling over into the other side.

Another important thing is for the Talibans to begin adopting themselves to new changes so that they couldn't be kept in the dark all these years. And venting their animosity and strict religious enforcement against innocent people, especially women, who only wanted to express their ideas in public is uncalled for. To most people, shooting a young Pakistani girl was not a reasonable action but a wanton display of barbarism that was only practiced by the barbarians many centuries ago. This kind of behavior by the Taliban should not be tolerated by the Muslim world.

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