Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Superstorm Sandy puts NYC to a standstill

For the first time, New York City was put to a standstill as superstorm Sandy continues to breeze through in some eastern parts of the United States.

Many couldn't believe but most streets of New York City were found to be empty of people and vehicles, transforming it into a ghost metropolis, as most residents stayed in their homes for safety.

At this developed, Wall Street already lost huge amount of stock market transactions as the New York Stock Exchange stopped its regular trading days. Alone, New York City incurred an estimated $20 billion in financial losses. Mostly affected was New York's Queens Borough district. Power has been shut off, too.

In New Jersey, where the superstorm made its first landfall, the levee was already destroyed, thus forcing many affected residents to evacuate to safer grounds. Most parts of the metropolis have been inundated.

Weather forecasts said superstorm Sandy has a packing wind of 105 mph and is heading towards Pennsylvannia. There are indications that it could exit all the way to Canada anytime tomorrow.

As of press time, some 16 people were killed brought about by hurricane's wraths.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was quoted as saying that New Yorkers will be able to go through with the sad effects of the hurricane as they're used to be.

Meanwhile, the New York Stock Exchange is scheduled to resume business on Wednesday.

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