Sunday, November 11, 2012

Influence of Hispanic and Asian voters in American politics

As the impending fiscal cliff stalks the economic future of America, reports are ripe that some GOP conservatives are thinking of supporting an initiative that will open up anew discussions on how to fix the broken immigration system in America.

As to how they were able to think about it is something that may have been the result of the recent presidential election which put the Republican bet to suffer defeat simply because he belittled the voting influences of the millions of Hispanics and Asians across America?

Well, the GOP must felt it as shown by the numbers of states where the concentration of Hispanics and Asians may have obviously that voted for President Obama.

In Southern California alone, many Fil-Am veterans have hailed Obama's reelection as another positive sign that their dream of getting the remaining veterans benefits which they had been waiting for a long time, would be given attention now by the administration.

But, according to them, they would appreciate it very much if President Obama will also act on the "Reunification Program", which will allow their dependents who are left behind in the Philippines, to come over to America to be with them.

Combine these altogether--reunification program plus the approval of a new
comprehensive immigration program that will legalize the stay of the undocumented aliens--could be translated to billions in revenues in processing fees for the federal government.

Unless the GOP will cooperate with the Democrats in so far as the fixing of the broken immigration system is concerned, many Hispanics and Asians across the country, particularly in California, will always be adamant to support any GOP candidates , especially those that are anti-immigration.

In fact, the recent presidential election was a clear test of the patience and influences that the growing Hispanic and Asian communities can do to dictate the course of politics in America.

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