Sunday, November 4, 2012

Politcal rhetorics as baits for grandstanding

American voters should try to weigh in the situation before hitting the polls to decide which president they wanted to choose.

Both candidates were using all rhetorics they could think of to trade barbs and other negative accusations against each other at the height of campaigns.

This is already a common tactics by most politicians. But stick to the truth and try to analyze things. If there were mistakes committed during the eight years of the previous administration, how can anyone expect the next elected president will be able to patch up all those mistakes in four years? No president is superman enough to clean up the garbage of the previousadministrations.

As the national election closes in, the pulse of the  American voters will once again be tested. Unless they try to spare some of their time to reflect upon themselves what transpired in the past, they won't be able to come to terms with the real essence of who to choose for between the two presidential candidates--Obama gunning for re-election and Romney in quest of the presidential seat.

The way I look at it, battle for eloquence is the name of the game. When both candidates try their best to bombard the public with all their might, exhausting all means to leave a lasting imprint on the minds of the people, this is where confusions take place. Let alone the intelligent voters who can easily decipher who among the two are sincere in their words?

It is hard to tell at this point who is really true to his political commitments. And only track records can tell whether each of them truly deserves the much-needed votes from the American public.

But as the final day of the campaigh period is almost over, people should try to gauge, not through their emotions but using their minds, as to whether it is worth enough to have another taste of the economic recession?

As the economists said, there is no magic formula that could bring back the old days when the United States had been faring well in so far as the international trade is concerned. It is a reality that the United States is reeling under the pressures of the economic woes brought about by the pressures of fiscal cliffs.

Already President Obama has done its share of at least correcting whatever economic misgivings were there. While Gov. Mitt Romney is yet to prove his worth and translate his campaign promises into reality. As to which side you are, that depends on the dictates of your intuitions. But for the American voters, this is the hardest part because they will come to terms with whatever drawbacks they make as a consequence of their own actions.

Just remember that American voters cannot live by their emotions alone. They have to use their other senses, too.

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