Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Norway tops per capita income; China's GDP at 8.6%

The Economist Intelligence Unit released in its latest survey of the world's GDP growth forecast for 2013 vis-a-vis the countries' per capita income.

In the Asia-Pacific Countries, China is the leader of the pack with a growth forecast of 8.6% for 2013. Due to its large population, however,  its per capita income remains at $6,890. Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) comes second with 6.8%, with a per capita of $3,150.

Others include Uzbekistan--6.7% ($1,920) ; India--6.5%($1,770); Afghanistan--6.5%($668); Indonesia--6.3% ($,3,890); Bangladesh--6.1% ($695); Philippines--6.0% ($2,650); Vietnam--6.0%  ($1,800); Kazakstan--5.1% ($12,210); Thailand--4.7%  ($5,800); Malaysia--4.6% ($11,580); Singapore--4.0% ($53,370); Hong Kong--2.4% ($35,610); Japan--1.2%  ($45,680); South Korea--3.7% ($24,590); Taiwan--3.6% ($22,020); Pakistan--3.3% ($1,410); New Zealand--2.3%  ($33,160); and Australia--3.0% with a per capita pegged at $66,950, the highest in the region so far.

Among the developed countries, Norway has the highest per capita at $100,340, even with a GDP growth forecast of only 2.7% for this year. Switzerland comes  second with $77,340, with a GDP growth forecast of 1.2%. United Arab Emirates is at third place with $56,940, with only a growth forecast of 4.3%.

Denmark's per capit income is $56,280.  Another Scandinavian country, Sweden, with  $55,430; Netherlands, $48,280; United States, $51,525; Canada, $53,160; Finland, $47,740; Austria, $46,960; Belgium, $45,450; Ireland, $45,140;  Germany, $41,600; France, $40,930; and the United Kingdom,  $38,85. #

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