Monday, March 17, 2014

Where is Malaysian airline flight 370?

Nobody knows yet.

Route of Malaysian airline flight 370. Photo: Wikipedia
That's what most aviation investigators and experts have said in a series of news reports in the tri-media worldwide. Despite the collaborative efforts of at least 26 countries to help in the search for the missing Malaysian airline, which scoured the South China Sea, Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea, no signs of debris were ever found.

After 11 days of futile searching, the whereabouts of the Malaysian airline Boeing 777 with 239 passengers aboard, remains a mystery. The Malaysian airline flight 370 took off at the Kuala Lumpur international airport on March 8 at around 12:41 a.m bound for Beijing, China. It was piloted by Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, and Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, a co-pilot.

Of the 239 passengers, some 159 Chinese citizens were aboard the commercial airline. It could not be ascertained right now if the plane was hijacked or not. Recent news reports put China in the spotlight when more than 20 of its innocent citizens were victimized by fatal stabbing incidents believed to be perpetrated by some Uigers from the Gobi Desert of Xinjiang Province, in retaliation for China's ill-treatment of them. But this claim was discounted by the same aviation experts. While latest reports claim that Mr. Shah was a staunch supporter of Malaysia's opposition group, which may have sparked his interest to get back at Malaysia's government.

However, all the above were mere speculations at this moment. And aviation probers are still digging deeper into the mysterious disappearance of the said airline. Although there were comments that two Iranian passengers, who were suspected of using stolen passports from two European tourists in Thailand, were also aboard flight 370. The question that lingers in the minds of most people who were tracking the latest developments have suspected that they may have something to do in the missing plane. Is the plane being kept in Iran or another country where the passengers are being held hostage for the time being?

Using my un solicited opinion, I could only surmise two possibilities that may have caused the plane's disappearance somewhere. Either the plane may have crashed into the ocean or it  may have been hijacked and the pilots were forced to land the plane in a desert. But why pick a Malaysian airline? Whatever is
the motive behind its disappearance, nobody knows at this time.

Until something comes up at any given time, the jigsaw puzzle that surrounds the disappearance of the Malaysian airline flight 370 is yet to be resolved. And close relatives of the missing passengers could only hope for the best: That the plane is being diverted somewhere else.

For now, the world is awaiting any result of the on-going investigation being conducted by the Malaysian authorities, with the help of some countries.

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